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Expert Witness:

I have been an expert witness for court since 1996, during which time I have prepared over 1000 medico-legal reports. I work predominantly in the personal injury domain, having assessed road traffic and industrial accident cases. I also assess the psychological impact of alleged clinical negligence, occupational stress, and the effects of interpersonal crime on victims.

I have experience of giving evidence in court, and attend medico-legal training events. I am married to a Deputy District Judge, who updates me with regard to any changes in the Civil Procedure Rules. I am included in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, an APIL approved expert, and a Sweet and Maxwell checked expert.

I am instructed by claimant and defendant solicitors, and also jointly instructed.

Specialist area

I now have considerable experience in the assessment and treatment of road traffic accident cases, from the relatively minor to serious incidents involving fatalities and disablement. I have expertise in the efficient treatment of travel anxiety and post traumatic stress. I am writing a self help text for road traffic accident victims.

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Problem areas

I assess and provide therapy for the following problems, and the list is by no means exhaustive:

Adjustment to life events, changes and loss



Body dysmorphic disorder




Exam stress

Health anxiety



Obsessive compulsive disorder

Occupational stress

Panic attacks


Post traumatic stress disorder

Self expression

Social anxiety

Travel anxiety


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