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Clinical Experience:

As an undergraduate I worked in voluntary and paid positions with deprived and learning disabled children, both here and abroad. It is a prerequisite that clinical psychology applicants for training have relevant experience in mental health work or research. Following graduation I was a Care Assistant in a psychiatric rehabilitation hostel, a National Demonstration Centre, acting as a key worker and group therapist. In the next year I was selected to the post of a Psychology Assistant at Hollymoor psychiatric Hospital in Solihull.

After qualifying, I was employed by Salford Health authority from1987-1993. I provided psychological services for psychiatric inpatients, day hospital attenders, outpatients, and Salford University students.

In 1993 I accepted the position of Clinical Psychology Senior Fellow at Withington Hospital, to run one of the first large-scale randomised controlled trials investigating CBT for psychotic symptoms. Following completion of the project in 1996, I became an independent practitioner, and held therapy, supervision and training contracts with Manchester University’s School of Nursing, Bolton Hospitals NHS Trust and The Department of Psychological Medicine at the Christie Hospital.

My practice currently is divided between psychological therapy and medico-legal work.

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